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Different Views in Dynamics 365

There are different views in Dynamics 365 Applications. Some Views are just for representational purposes whereas some holds significance as a part of security permissions. Based on my exploration, I have classified different type of Views available in Dynamics 365 applications.  The listing of the views are as follows: Public views are the views within […]

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Girish Uppal Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Hide Related Tabs – Dynamics 365

How to hide Related Tabs in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Case for Interactive experience form? Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub app displays Case form using ‘Case’ Main form or ‘Case for Interactive Experience’ main form.    In addition to some relevant tabs there exists a ‘Related’ Tab which provides an extension to view various form detailsrelated

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Mobile Apps – Dynamics and Power Platform

There are various mobile apps provided by Microsoft to run Dynamics 365 and Power Platform services. Some of the app details are listed below: App Name Purpose Google Play Store iOS Apple Store Power Apps Run model driven and Canvas apps ✔ ✔ Field Service Run Dynamics 365 Field service app ✔ ✔ Finance and

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Dynamics CRM Url

Below listed is a list of URL for accessing Dynamics CRM instances worldwide.  Dynamics CRM Hosted URL  Region  URL  North America  crm.dynamics.com  DEU  crm.microsoftdynamics.de  South America  crm2.dynamics.com  Canada  crm3.dynamics.com  Europe  crm4.dynamics.com  Asia Pacific  crm5.dynamics.com  Oceania  crm6.dynamics.com  Japan  crm7.dynamics.com  India  crm8.dynamics.com  GCC  crm9.dynamics.com  GCC High  crm.microsoftdynamics.us  Great Britain  crm11.dynamics.com  France  crm12.dynamics.com  South Africa  crm14.dynamics.com  UAE  crm15.dynamics.com 

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