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A Centre of Excellence is setting up a discipline within the organization which brings together like minded people with common business goals to share knowledge and achievements which will eventually drive innovation and improvement to drive productivity and efficiency within an organization. 

  • Core Components 
  • Nurture Components 
  • Audit Components 
  • Innovation Backlog Components 
  • Theming Components 
  • ALM Accelerator
  • Power BI Reports
  • Standardization and Consistency on Apps 
  • Ease of governance
  • Triggers Innovations & Improvements 
  • Breaks down Geographical silos 
  • App templatizations 
  • Makers Empowerment 
  • Elimination of re-work within organization
  • Cost Reduction 
  • Controlled provisioning of resources 
  • Regular cleanup of resources 
  • Controlled compliance 
  • Unified App permissions management 
  • App Compliance monitoring and enforcement 
  • Identify orphaned / unused apps 
  • Onboard new makers
  • Identify compliant makers 
  • Archive approval 
  • Environment creation request 
  • DLP policy change request 
  • Identify orphaned makers
  • Clean up expired environments 
  • Configure capacity alerts 


App Name 



Admin Command Centre App 

Displays all Core CoE Apps, View Service Healths, Check CoE Flows for layers, settings etc. Ability to configure Global environment variables, Preview all the emails sent from this app 


Power Platform Admin View 

Datastore view for storing Apps, Flows, Environments, Bots, Connectors, Portals and Audit logs. Update compliance status, app catalog and featured apps status, set risk assessment state, set mitigation plan, configure business impact and justifications 


Admin – Environment Requests 

Approve / Reject environment creation requests, Approve / Reject DLP policy requests, Make visible data policies 


Maker – Environment Requests 

Request to setup a new environment with configuration, Request to enforce DLP policy on environment 


Set App Permissions 

Set App permissions (Editor, Viewer, Owner) for app, View all owners for the app, Get orphaned app details. Email Users. 


Set Flow Permissions 

Set Flow permissions (Editor, Viewer) for flow, View all owners for the flow, Get orphaned flow details.  Email Users. 


Maker- Command Centre 

Ability to surface out apps for quick navigation (Can be configured by editing the bookmarks in Admin – Command Centre) 


Admin – Access this App 

Use this app in conjunction with Power BI for granting access to App, email the app maker and delete the app from the system 


Admin – Access this Flow 

Use this app in conjunction with Power BI for granting access to Flow, email the flow maker and delete the flow from the system 


App Catalog 

Shows apps in app catalog and featured apps. Can see ratings of app, what connector it uses and department who uses it, Contact App maker and Request access for the app 


DLP Editor v2 

Update DLP Policy, Check Impact analysis on blocked connectors 


Power Platform Training Management 

Ability to Create new training event, schedule training, add event image and max participants, email attendees and view attendees 


Power Platform Training Registration 

View upcoming training / events, Register for a training 


Maker Assessment App 

Use this app to request for a new solution to be built along with some details. Fill up questionnaire for the targeted app to be built. Answer some questions and get App Assessment results 


Maker Assessment Admin App 

Ability to add category, Ability to add questions against category, Ability to add multiple questions and answers 


Innovation Backlog Admin App 

Add Pain points and suggested measures, Setup Icon and Delete unnneded ideas 


Innovation Backlog App 

Add Ideas with tabs like Idea, Affected people, Tools, ROI Measure, Workflows and Complexity score 


Developer Compliance Centre 

Lists App, Flows, Chatbots, Connectors. Provide app supporting details like Makers Business Justification, Access Management, Business Impact, Mitigation Plan, Maker dependencies, Data classification and Category of app. Can view App permissions and App Connections as well. Can assign new owner 


Cleanup Old objects App 

Can view Apps, Flows count, stale apps, Stale flows etc. 


App and Flow Inactivity notifications Clean up view 

This app will lists down the apps/flows which are inactive for sufficient period of time. Approved apps/flows, approvals ignored for a month, apps/flows rejected and excused, apps/flows rejected but not yet excused will be listed as a part of listings 


CoE Theme Editor 

Ability to create new theme, Set theme name, theme color, theme properties. Publish Theme. Upload AppTemplatePhone.msapp and Upload AppTemplateTablet.msapp using the theme 


CoE Theme Gallery 

View the theme gallery created by using the Theme Editor app. Ability to download the theme with Tablet and Phone layout 


Shared Component Library 

Lists down the shared components to be used for the app 


App Template Phone 

Displays App template for Phone form factor 


App Template Tablet 

Displays App template for Tablet form factor