Clifton Strengths

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Clifton Strengths

You lead with Strategic Thinking Clifton Strengths themes.


Execute things without delay


Influence others with your charisma


Build strong relationships


Help absorb and analyze information that informs better decisions.


You're most enthusiastic about what happened as a result of your learning, not the content itself. The subject matter that arouses your interest the most is determined by other experiences and traits, but whatever the topic, you will always be interested in the process of learning. Regardless of the source of the stimulation, you are energized by the steady, deliberate, and incremental increase in your knowledge. The start of facts and the initial attempts at recital or practicing what you have learned fortify you’re the excitement driving you.


It would certainly be nice if you could. . . You are the kind of person who is excited by looking forward to the future. You see in detail what the future may hold, and this picture keeps you reaching for the future. While the exact content of the picture depends on your strengths and interests, a better product, a better life, or a better world, it will be inspirational to you. You're a dreamer who sees the world through the lens of your imaginings. When the present proves too difficult to bear and the people that you're close to too pragmatic, you imagine your vibrant visions of the future.


Where am I going? Frequently, you ask this question. Guided by the theme of Focus, you need to know where you're headed. Lacking an understanding, your life and work can become a real challenge. For this reason, each year, each month, and each week you set goals. These goals then serve as your goal chart, helping you make effective decisions and recover from any setbacks.


Your world should be based on order and plans. So you instinctively seek to organize and plan out your world. You set up habits. You focus on time intervals and deadlines. You break up long-term tasks into a series of smaller foresighted goals, and you methodically work towards achieving each one step at a time. You are not exceptionally tidy or neat, but you need accuracy in your plans.


Your approach to relationships is described by the Relator topic, which draws you toward acquaintances you already have. You might experience a rush of excitement when you first meet someone new but your Relator theme also provides you with a healthy outlet for being around folks you know.