Creator Kit

What is a Creator Kit? 

The creator kit for power apps helps you create UI experience on the web and mobile platform. It exposes a set of sample controls and components which when used enhances productivity in the development space. The controls are built using the fluent UI framework and follows a consistent and effective user experience to build enterprise grade applications. 

The creator kit contains a component library, PCF controls and other utilities that aids faster, consistent, and predictive development. 


What does the new version contain? 

The Creator kit contains a set of controls which can be used by the community for their projects. The controls within the creator kit is listed below in the screenshot. 

What app does the Creator kit contains? 

The Creator kit contain a solution of 4 Apps namely: 

  • Fluent Theme Designer App 
  • Creator Kit Reference App (Canvas App) 
  • Creator Kit Reference App (Model driven App) 
  • Canvas Template App 


Creator Kit Reference App 

The Creator kit reference app lists down the controls that can be used for applications, along with its best practices and use cases. The app also helps you preview the controls and copy the source code for its usage on your custom solutions or app. 

Fluent Theme Designer App 

This app will allow you to define the theme color and preview the combinations on a set of controls defined within the app. This app allows you to export the theme and ingest into your own solution (as a json output). 

The app has a neat functionality to check whether the color codes selected by you passes the Accessibility test and recommends a list of do’s and don’ts pattern on its usage.