Creator Kit

Create UI experience on the Web and Mobile platform

Creator Kit

What is a Creator Kit? 

The creator kit for power apps helps you create UI experience on the web and mobile platform. It exposes a set of sample controls and components which when used enhances productivity in the development space. The controls are built using the fluent UI framework and follows a consistent and effective user experience to build enterprise grade applications. 

The creator kit contains a component library, PCF controls and other utilities that aids faster, consistent, and predictive development. 


Creator Kit Apps 

These are some of the apps available within the Creator kit framework: 

  • Creator Kit Reference App
  • Fluent Theme Designer App 
  • Canvas Template App 
Controls in Creator kit 

 The creator kit contains a set of controls which can be used within an app just by copying the code from the kit. 

The creator kit reference app provides guidance around the Do’s and Don’ts’s in building the app using the controls provided within the kit 

 Some of the available controls are categorized below in a list: 

  • Basic Inputs
    • Auto Width Label 
    • Icon 
    • Resizable Text area 
  • Commands Menus & Navs 
    • Breadcrumb 
    • Command Bar
    • Expand Menu 
    • Context Menu
    • Nav 
    • Pivot 
  • Details List 
    • Basic 
    • Cell Types 
    • Paging 
  • Pickers 
    • Tags Picker 
    • Tag List 
  • Progress 
    • Spinner 
    • Progress Indicator 
  • Surfaces 
    • Panel 
    • Dialog 
Creator Kit Reference App 

Fluent Theme Designer App 

Canvas Template App