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Custom Help Pane

Custom Help Pane – Page Creation

The Custom Help Pane is a useful way to navigate users to the elements of the page within a model driven app.

The custom help pane can be configured per entities.

Before you even setup a custom help page, there is a configuration setting in the backend to enable its creation.

In the page, click on the settings icon and navigate to Advance Settings

Navigate to Settings > System > Administration > System Settings

Enable the options of ‘Custom Help Panes and Guided Tasks’

Now, open any of your model driven apps and click on’?’ icon

You can create content by using following listed controls.


Unordered List

Ordered List





Video Link



If you want to explain in more details about a particular control or a link, you can use balloon to explain it further.

Coach Marks

CoachMarks are used to draw users’ attention to specific area of a page for actioning some inputs