Girish Uppal Power Automate

Flow Run URL

Flow Run URL in Microsoft Power Automate is the Instance of the flow run executed in the past by the Power Automate environment.

You can navigate to Flow Run by Selecting the flow and clicking on ‘Run history’ option item.

Click on the line items to see the flow run status for that instance.

The flow run URL is composed of following tokens.

The URL contains primarily 3 components:

Environment Name, Workflow Name (number id) and Workflow run name (number id)



You can craft a URL in your Power Automate flow to view flow run. Typical use cases are when you want to view the error or exceptions encountered within your flow.

Note: By default, Power Automate view for Run History only displays flow run for last 28 days. So, it is always a good idea to store those URL and refer it later when you need it.