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Hide Related Tabs – Dynamics 365

How to hide Related Tabs in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Case for Interactive experience form?

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Hub app displays Case form using ‘Case’ Main form or ‘Case for Interactive Experience’ main form. 


In addition to some relevant tabs there exists a ‘Related’ Tab which provides an extension to view various form details
related to Case Entities. The related tab is a gateway to display list of fields belonging to different tables which are associated with Case Table using a relationship association. 


Sometimes it is wise to hide ‘Related’ tab to not overwhelm users using the Case form so that only relevant form data are
available to the users.

In order to hide ‘Related’ tab follow the following steps:



Navigate to url and point to the correct environment of ‘Dynamics 365 Customer Service’ On the left menu, Navigate to Tables and search for “Case” table



Under ‘Data Experience’ click on ‘Forms’


Open the relevant form to Edit the Case form. 


Select the ‘Related’ tab and tick on the Hide check box under Display Options section on the Properties window.

Thats how you can hide the ‘Related’ Tabs in any model driven app or Case Main form available in Dynamics 365 Customer Service applications.