Girish Uppal Power Apps CLI

Power Apps CLI

Power Apps CLI is command line interface that empowers developers and ISV to perform various operations in Power platform environment 

Below listed are some of the CLI commands for executing set of operations in Power Apps CLI repository

pac help

pac admin help

pac application help

 pac canvas help

pac pcf help

pac package help

pac portal help

pac paportal help

pac plugin help

pac solution help

pac telemetry help

pac auth help

pac auth create –kind {ADMIN or DATAVERSE or UNIVERSAL} 


Authenticates user for Power apps CLI command line 


pac application list 

List available Datverse applications from AppSource 


pac admin list 

Lists all environment in the tenant 


Pac admin backup –environment {url or ID} 

Takes backup of your environment 


pac admin status 

This command will list the status of all the operations in progress


pac org who 


Displays information about the current Dataverse Organization

pac org list 

Lists all of the Dataverse Organizations the user has access to

pac auth list 

List the authentication profiles stored on this computer


pac paportal download 

Downloads the power apps portal content