Girish uppal power apps test studio

Power Apps – Test Studio

Power Apps Test Studio allows you to build end to end UI automated tests for your application.

It has the capability to test the entire app from start till end and validate the application flow


There are 2 approaches to write a test:

  • Manual – Using expressions
  • Automated – Using recorder

What can you generate?

We can generate the following items:

  • Test Steps
  • Test Cases
  • Test Suites
  • Assertions


Enable formula level error management in the Experimental feature setting of Power Apps

Different Events

  • On Test Case Start
  • On Test Case Complete
  • On Test Suite Complete
  • During Test Execution


Functions that can be used

  • SetProperty( …)
  • Select (…)   
  • Assert(…)
  • Trace(..)


How to activate Test Studio?


Using Recorder Mode