Girish Uppal Power Pages Copilot Microsoft

Power Pages Copilot

Copilot is a generative AI provided by Microsoft and it provides real time intelligent assistance for enhancing users’ creativity, productivity, and skills. Copilot makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it’s a whole new way to work which aims to enhance efficiency, foster innovation, and boost productivity.

Copilot uses the power of GPT-4 and it alongside you to unleash your creativity and help perform tasks quicker. Copilot in Power Pages can be utilized by performing the listed actions:

Create a Site

With simple English like sentence (prompt) you can create a site based on your needs and expectations

Create a Form

Describe the type of form which you would like to utilize in the Power pages site and copilot will suggest a typical data model for you with just a single click of a button. Minor adjustments like addition of column, removal of column, adjustment of datatype and basic validations can also be accomplished with the help of subsequent prompts


Page Control Manipulations

Addition of controls, adjustment of field properties, suggestion of images for a page, addition of a form, duplication of page, generation of HTML code, addition of a section, and many such related actions can be executed by copilot for quick creation of pages for your site.

Content Suggestions

Power Pages copilot will help you draft content for your page when a Text control is embedded into the section of the Page. Copilot suggests content based on the topic you suggest and then can further refine the content based on your requirements.

Chatbot integration

Power Virtual Agents chatbot or Microsoft Copilot Studio bots can be easily embedded within a Power Pages site with the help of artificial intelligence feature provided by Copilot.

Visual Studio Code Copilot

You can leverage Power Pages Copilot support in Visual studio code to generate source code and embed within your backend power pages code file. The visual studio extensions can also specify the purpose of existing code structure and provide additional recommendations around the existing code base.