Girish Uppal Power platform administration planning

Power Platform Administration Planning

Power Platform Administration Planning is a set of Power apps and Power BI reports/ dashboard, which will help define the center of excellence team members tasks, provide visibility into the work items, demarcate in house and outsourced tasks.  

This tool will help streamline the administrative effort within the Power Platform space and find the highest impact opportunities within an organization. This app will help define better team structure and prioritize the area where the team can spend time and look for future automation and innovation opportunities. 

The app will let you configure set of parameters to define the level of experience needed to complete various administrative tasks. Clearly demarcating the tasks based on departments and business units can also be accomplished by configuring and defining the task components. 


How to install and configure? 

Download the September 2022 version of Centre of excellence toolkit component and find the following solution and excel data file and install in your desired environment. 

Does this app have any dependency on CoE components? 

No. This app can be installed and configured independently and has no direct connection with the Power Platform Centre of excellence toolkit solution. 


What does the installed solution contain? 

Solution contains a model driven app (Admin tasks) to define the configuration parameters for the tasks