Girish Uppal Dynamics 365 Marketing Realtime

Realtime vs Outbound Marketing



Outbound Marketing is used for messaging, advertising and communications that target to attract leads for sales. The target audience may or may not be aware of the product, business or services. 

Real time marketing is used to attract or connect to lead / prospects or current customer with an attempt to move them farther along the customer journey. 

E.g. outbound unsolicited phone call, cold email marketing campaigns, social media posts and promoted campaigns, website advertisement 

E.g. Push notifications, personalized emails, personalized text messages, Consent center, Trigger based customer journeys 

The Main focus is to collect and manage Leads 

The Main focus is to drive immediate customer action. Its focus is more personalized communication channel with customers 

Supports segment-based journey 

Supports trigger and segment-based journey 

Has pre-defined customer journey templates like Announcements, Customer on boarding, Event Marketing, High touch marketing, Monthly newsletter, Simple email journey 

Supports events-based triggers (currently more than 30 triggers are available) 

Triggering example: Based on segments qualification 

Triggering example:  When a push notification is opened, When a SMS text link is clicked, When a survey response is submitted 

D365 Feature set:  

Event management tools 

– Lead scoring model 

Marketing Pages, Forms & Websites 

– LinkedIn Lead generation integration 

D365 Feature set: 

– Customer Journeys 

– Trigger based customer journeys 

– SMS 

– Mobile Messaging 


AI driven channel optimization not available 

Can use AI driven run time channel optimization 

Organize Marketing content with files, reusable content blocks, videos 

Realtime Marketing Assets, Library and Templates