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Source Control for Power Apps

Steps to configure Source Control for Power Apps:

  1. Configure Azure Dev Ops
    1. Login to your Azure Devops > Create a Project (Git repository)
    2. Copy the URL of project repository (keep it handy)
    3. Create a new personal access token (keep it handy)
    4. Get the name of the current branch (keep it handy)
  2. Configure Power Apps
    1. Enable Git Version Control settings under ‘Upcoming Features’ (experimental)
    2. Connect to Git Version Control under Settings
    3. Copy the Git URL, Branch name and specify any name for directory
    4. System will prompt you for credentials. Type email address of Azure Devops accounts and copy the Personal Access token in the password section
    5. Accept the Directory creation prompt
    6. Now your setup is ready
  3. Navigate to Azure DevOps under repository to view the files created post integration  AZURE DEVOPS SETTINGS