String Interpolation Power Apps Girish Uppal

String Interpolation in Power Apps

String Interpolation is one of the features which comes in handy for pro-developers or low code developers to operate on string related operations while using Power Apps. 

It is a modern way to concatenate strings in Power Apps (especially when using Power FX formulas). It is useful for embedding formulas within text string

The old way of concatenating string in Power Apps – Power Fx were to use “&” operator.

 Old Way:

“Hello” & “ Girish Uppal” & “ – “ & User().Email

Or you need to make use of Concatenate function to concatenate all the contained strings

 String Interpolation is used in modern day languages like C# and is quite popular in Python and goes by the name of “f-strings”

 The string interpolation in Power Apps starts with $ sign enclosed with opening and closing double quotes.


E.g. Syntax

$”Girish Uppal”

Some of the other usages of String Interpolations based on syntax are listed below:


Just a String



String with Dynamic content

String showing Curly braces

String showing Mathematical expression

Mathematical expression execution in a curly bracket

String containing $ text